The “Place” for Celebrations is Graham’s Place

Graham’s Place is an ideal location for destination honeymoons and other celebrations like birthdays, graduations, anniversaries, group and corporate Caribbean getaways. From couples to extended families to larger gatherings, Graham’s Place offers a casual Caribbean vibe that invites comfort and happy times.

If booked far enough in advance, groups can reserve all 25 of the accommodations exclusively for their group. The boutique size of our property and the friendliness and accommodating nature of our staff make for a unique and personalized guest experience. We do our best to facilitate a celebration that will become one of the most memorable Caribbean holidays you will experience.

Annual Events

In addition to guest celebrations, Graham’s Place has hosted many exciting fishing tournaments and regional celebrations like the Guanaja Conch Festival. Some famous people have visited including former president Jimmy Carter and his wife Rosalyn, as well as Christopher Lambert from “The Highlands” to name a few. These guests and others, have discovered the idyllic Cay and the hospitality of its owner, Graham Thompson.

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