Besides frolicking in the surf along the gently sloping shoreline, swimming, floating lazily, or relaxing on a lounge chair or in a hammock, there are many fun things to do right on the Graham’s Place property.


Enjoy dock and shoreline fishing and delight in the bounties of the local waters surrounding Graham’s Place. Here, you will  be able to see and challenge the elusive bonefish–dozens and dozens of them, as well as permit, grouper, lobster and tarpon. The luckiest fishermen can triumph with a “Grand Slam” by catching a bonefish, tarpon and permit.

Kayaking & Diving

Spend hours with family and friends kayaking around Graham’s Place 7-acre cay, or rent dive gear at Graham’s Place Dive Shop and explore the waters surrounding an old ship that Mr. Graham sunk just off the private island cay.


A turtle crawl adjoins the dock and is home, not only to turtles, but also to stingrays, lobster, bone fish, permit, and more. Guests can also get to know the island’s most colorful residents — a macaw and a cuddly lemur.


Mangroves provide the perfect perch for local birds and a shell-lined path leads children to marvel at a tree reminiscent of “Harry Potter” fame. In addition, Graham’s Place boasts a wide array of tropical palm trees and fruit trees including banana, coconut, lime, and almond. The on-island fruit trees and vegetable gardens provide fresh ingredients used by Fish Tales Bar and Grill. Just ask any of the guests who have tasted the legendary Margaritas and Pina Coladas!

Room to Roam

A large grassy area, bordered with graceful coconut palms serves multiple uses. Children play games such as kick ball, Frisbee, and hide-and-go-seek while their parents enjoy lively conversation with friends on the beach or at Fish Tales Bar and Grill. Private helicopter pilots occasionally bring guests to and from the small island and appreciate the spacious place to land.

Fitness and Photography

Beachside volleyball invites friends and family to enjoy friendly competition. A pathway covered with crushed shells extends around half of the island and provides a walking and jogging path for guests. Early risers often walk along this path, capturing photos of stunning Caribbean sunrises on the island’s east side.

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